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EDSP Make Move and Motivate 2

On Thursday 27th February 2020 eight primary schools visited AVA for a fun morning of activity and cooking. The students first took part in sporting activities which raised their heart rate. The session included a quick game of clap hand followed by indoor hockey games to upbeat music. The children were split  into teams of 4 with children from different schools. The children learnt how to use space more efficiently and great team work and communication. The session finished off with a competitive game of up and under.


What’s that delicious smell? The students then got a hands-on experience of making authentic pizzas. They learnt some important cooking basics. Things like washing hands, types of equipment used when cooking pizzas and staying safe in the kitchen. Everyone got the chance to knead the dough, making it lovely and smooth, and then to create their perfect base. They explored a variety of fresh toppings which complement a healthy lifestyle. The children left with a smile and a handmade pizza.