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EDSP Make, Move and Motivate Event

On 5th December we participated in the first of 3 Make, Move and Motivate Sessions organised by EDSP.  


We were very fortunate to have Sporty Stars run the first two sessions of the day. The children participated in a range of activities which included team work, throwing action games, under arm accuracy competitions and a fun rock paper and scissors game which we hope you will take back into your schools and play.

The second part of the session was run by 7 of AVA Year 10 sports leaders. This was more badminton focused and students learnt to improve their skills on the over arm throwing action, rallies in teams and the back hand serve. They all did really well with these activities. Schools worked in teams of 6 –12 students and it was really nice to see the schools interacting with each other so well and making some great teams together.

Leaflets were giving out from Axminster and Colyton leisure centre. This is to show you all the sporting events happening in your area. Badminton is held on Saturdays at Colyton in the morning. There were many that took part that would really benefit attending this as we saw some real potential and could see you had a lot of fun and enjoyment from playing.

Sporty Stars also gave out flyers for sporty parties they run at weekends and show a range of sporting fun they can offer in your schools. We hope that by recommending these exit routes the students get to continue the fun they had today.