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EDSP Parachute & Skipping Festival

On Tues 26th March Axe Valley Academy core Year 8 sports leaders ran the Parachute and Skipping festival.

Kilmington, St Mary's, Colyton, Shute, Beer , Seaton and Musbury attended our Reception and Year 1 parachute and skipping festival.  This involved a colourful display of parachute games on a rotation which included fun games to help coordination. The parachute games encouraged cooperative, non-competitive play and reinforce turn-taking and also help strengthen the children's upper torso. Some of the games included making a huge mushroom and sitting underneath it to shaking off pretend snakes. The children particularly enjoyed the air conditioning parachute game.

The children completed skipping stations which helped the primary children learn the skills to skip. These included skipping with long ropes; french skipping and rhymes; electronic skipping; hoop skipping and jumping activities. We were amazed how well everyone did when trying to skip with the ropes.