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EDSP Swimming Gala

A huge thank you to all the schools who entered into our annual Year 3 and 4 swimming Gala on Wednesday 20th March 2019. Girls and boys raced widths in backstroke and front crawl and completed the session with a freestyle relay and whole team relay.  All races were closely contested  I was really impressed with the team efforts in the woggle relays and obstacle course where swimmers listened carefully to instructions and joined in on the fun. Swimmers were a real credit to their schools respecting other teams, listening well and doing their best in each event. 


Each race saw a range winners from the schools participating with superb swimming throughout the day and great team spirit  had by all. 


Thanks must also go to the staff at Flamingo Pool and students at Axe Valley Academy for hosting the afternoon. The sports leaders were a credit and performed their duties with enthusiasm and efficiency.