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French Day

On Tuesday 15th October, Class 1 and 2 had a great time together experiencing a 'French Day'!


We began the morning by learning about the French flag and some of the iconic buildings in Paris (The Eiffel Tower and The Arc de Triomphe). Then, we shared the plan for the day and the French words / phrases we wanted the children to learn and use throughout the day. These words and phrases were based around food and drink and how to ask for them. Class 2 then created French menus, including the focus language, whilst Class 1 created French flags.


After break, the classroom was transformed into a 'Parisian cafe' complete with chequered table cloths and French music! The children worked together in house groups, taking it in turns to: wait on tables; order food off the menus in French; prepare the food and carry out research into French food. They thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience (especially tasting the baguettes with ham or cheese)! 


In the afternoon, the children once again worked in house groups to construct either The Eiffel Tower or The Arc de Triomphe out of a range of materials such as newspaper or Lego. These were then shared with the everyone and discussions around how to create strength in structures were had.


Finally, we enjoyed learning a French song together and reinforcing all that we had learnt during the day.


Please feel free to discuss with your children what words and phrases they remember from the day. Merci!