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Whole School Trip to Seaton Wetlands

On Tuesday 5th February the whole school braved the weather and spent the day at Seaton Wetlands.  Everyone had a great day.  


Class 1 had an amazing time; making clay hedgehogs, going on a bug hunt, following a route to look for woodland animals and making their own bird feeders.  We were really proud of how they behaved and how they were able to listen and be enthusiastic and engaged in all activities.  Class 2 conducted four geographical investigations linked to rivers or more precisely 'Stafford Brook'. Children collected data on flow rate by timing how long it took for a cork to travel 10m, compared river depth on a meander with a straight section and collected information about the creatures living in the brook by kick sampling. We ended the day by constructing rafts from natural materials and floating them down the stream.


A big thankyou goes to our volunteers who braved the weather all day. The wetlands visitor centre is open at weekends and well worth a visit.  A big thank you to Penny our Education Ranger for superb activities and keeping us busy and warm.