Musbury Primary School is located at the heart of the rural village of Musbury in the Axe Valley. Adjacent to the church and with two and a half acres of land, it is a community school within the Devon County Council Local Authority.

Our ethos and values

Musbury Primary School is a community of learning and excellence where children come first. Every child is cared for, valued, inspired and nurtured to achieve success through enhancing their intellectual curiosity, academic achievement, physical development, imagination, creativity and spirituality.

Musbury Primary School prepares children for an ever-changing world through increasingly sophisticated technologies. The school retains and is proud of its learning from core values – where children learn to love, to achieve through working and helping others and respecting the diversity of the community in which they will live and learn.

Musbury Primary School is a school committed to life-long learning through identifying opportunities for professional development, quality family education and community learning.