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Intent: For all children to feel confident and positive about maths and use this as a basis to deepen their understanding, reflect and problem solve throughout all aspects of mathematics.


We align our maths curriculum closely with the White Rose Maths (WRM) Programme of Study. We use the small step objectives identified within WRM to help us break down the relevant National Curriculum objectives into more manageable chunks of learning. These small steps then form the basis of our mathematical planning, which we supplement with resources from ‘Classroom Secrets’. These resources follow the WRM Programme of Study and small steps objectives. Each small step is broken down further in varied fluency tasks and reasoning and problem solving activities. Each one of these activities is then differentiated three ways: developing, expected or greater depth. Children in our mixed age / Key Stage classes are therefore able to access tasks, which develop their mathematical understanding through varied fluency tasks and challenge their mathematical thinking through a range of reasoning and problem solving activities around each small step and for each National Curriculum objective. These resources also present mathematical information using a range of different images and require children to discuss, explain and describe their thinking to solve the various contextualised problems. Additionally, our mathematics curriculum is also supplemented with other resources including: Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars (both online platforms which develop mathematical knowledge and understanding).