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School Values

First Federation Trust Vision & Values

Our Ethos and Values

Musbury Primary School continues to work towards a family atmosphere to develop a community of learning and enjoyment where children come first. Every child is cared for, valued, inspired and nurtured to achieve success through enhancing their intellectual curiosity, academic achievement, physical development, imagination, creativity and spirituality.

Our Aims

We aim to provide a secure supportive and challenging learning environment that will offer all children appropriate opportunities for growth and development.


  • To encourage pupils to be active in body and mind and to understand how to remain fit and healthy in later life.
  • To be a fair and caring environment in which staff and pupils are equally valued, where children feel secure and confident, are given equal opportunities and have a positive experience of diversity.
  • To offer a creative, broadly based curriculum plus a stimulating range of after school activities, which promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical wellbeing;
  • To enable pupils to work co-operatively with others and to make a positive contribution to the school and wider community;
  • To ensure pupils fulfil their potential and are prepared for the challenges of secondary education and later adult life.

Our Guarantee

We want children to see school as a fun place and remember it with affection. Therefore pupils attending Musbury Primary School will have the opportunity to:

  • Have hands on experiences linked to topic work
  • Choose their half termly topics
  • Work with members of the wider community
  • Be part of a welcoming, family atmosphere
  • Perform in front of their parents at least once a year
  • Work with a variety of visitors offering educational experiences
  • Extend their learning outside the classroom through regular, relevant visits
  • Take risks, try new things, make mistakes and make a mess of things occasionally
  • Have fun
  • Learn to be a caring citizen
  • Learn the value of good relationships